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Vision Our History Our Board of Directors
Mission Statement
We reduce homophobia and enrich the lives of individuals living in New Mexico who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning through education, advocacy, support, example, and collaboration.

A system of community centers with extensive outreach to the rural areas of New Mexico.
Both center and non-center based programs based on community needs.

Collaborating with GLBTQ groups, allies and others to reduce homophobia and enrich lives.

Leading with innovative models, strategies and programs.

A New Mexico where diversity is celebrated and all New Mexico are respected equally.

Our History
May 2006 - Idea begins as private discussion
July 2006 - Committee of Four Forms
September 2006 - 1st Town Hall Meeting – Las Cruces Organizing Committee Formed
December 2006 - 2nd Town Hall Meeting – ABQ Organizing Committee Expands
May 2007 - 3rd Town Hall Meeting – Santa Fe
- Statewide outreach expands with formation of public discussion group (Yahoo   Group)
June 2007 - Outreach at Pride – Albuquerque –
- Las Cruces – Santa Fe
August 2007 - Attended CenterLink Regional  Conference
December 2007 - Applied for Echoing Green Fellowship
January 2008 - Named Semi-finalist for Echoing Green Fellowship
February 2008 - Incorporated as New Mexico Non-profit
April 2008 - Completed Successful 501(c)(3) Fundraiser
May 2008 - Applied for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status
- Attended State PFLAG Conference in Silver City
June 2008 - Arrowhead Center at NMSU begins Feasibility Study and Business   Model Evaluation
- Applied for Gamma Mu Foundation Grant for Community Needs Assessment
- Outreach at Pride in Albuquerque and Las Cruces
August 2008 - Received $9800 grant from  Gamma Mu Foundation
December 2009 - Completed New Mexico GLBTQ Community Needs Assessment
January 2010  - Released Needs Assessment Report
April 2010 - Opened Las Cruces Center
June 2010  - Rainbow Youth receives United Way grant
- Las Cruces Grand Opening Celebration

Our Board of Directors
New Mexico GLBTQ Centers is currently looking for qualified members of the GLBTQ community to serve on our statewide Board of Directors and/or the Southern Regional Operating Committee. If you are interested in serving or would like more information please contact Richard Scramstad, Board President at

Richard Scramstad, Las Cruces*

Katherine Palmer, Moriarty*

Bonnie Zieler, Las Cruces

David Stocum, Las Cruces*
Executive Director

* Founding Board Member

To contact the entire board

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